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"There's the Girl" by Heart for #fanslide - Thanks :)

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[‘There’s the Girl’ by Heart]

"Screw Quinn. I’m hungry and I wants to get my pizza on."

Rachel smacked Santana’s hand away from the steaming pizza boxes. “Santana, no!”

"Oh, I know you did not just a. touch me, and b. talk to me like I was a dog.” 

"Why are you being so difficult? If you’re that hungry, there’s a banana in the fruit bowl.”

"I don’t do bananas anymore, Berry," Santana smirked.

"Must you always be so vulgar, Santana?"

Kurt walked past the bickering pair and placed a couple of wine glasses on the table. “Ladies, play nice,” he said, shifting his eyes towards Dani. “You’re making Dani uncomfortable.”

"I’m not uncomfortable," Dani argued. "I’m just a little nervous about meeting Quinn."

"Don’t be," Santana said, dropping down onto the couch while Kurt went to open the loft door.

"It’s just, you guys have to much history together, y’know? It’s kinda intimidating."

Santana threw her arm around Dani’s shoulders and rubbed her arm. “Relax,” she soothed. “It’ll be fine, I promise.”

"Santana’s right," Rachel chimed in. "As long as everybody is on their best behaviour," she said, staring pointedly at Santana, "then there’s no reason why this night should be anything other than—”

Cut off by a loud, excited squealing, all three women turned their heads towards the loft’s entrance.

"Uh, which ones Quinn?" Dani asked, eyeing the smiling threesome hugging at the front door.

"—fucked," Rachel monotoned, finishing her earlier sentence. “This night is fucked.” she whispered under her breath.

Kurt—a blonde on each arm—lead the new arrivals towards the couch. “Dani, thishe nodded his head to the left, ‘is Quinn Fabray,” 

"Hey, It’s nice to meet you, Dani."

"Yeah, you too."

Kurt grinned mischievously, his eyes never leaving Santana stunned expression. “And our surprise guest for this evening,” he nodded to his right, “Is the one and only, Ms Brittany S. Pierce.”


Since some of you (yeah, you know who you are ..») have been hounding me for a sequel to this, I’m going to bend to your will and a write a companion piece.

You’re welcome.